Top quality Compact firm sofa-sofa bed.

4 seater sofa-sofa bed
When sofa bed is made it’s bigger then queen mattress
Compact firm cushions for comfortable sleep
Solid timber slabs used
Good Fabric
Available colour, Dark and white fabric, advertised pic is DARK colour.
This sofa-sofa bed base is lined with steel for better firmness, It’s not like the other spring sofa-sofa bed, customers are more then welcome to check products.
Dimensions: When sofa bed is made it’s inside length 222cm and width is 153 cm, bigger then queen mattress.

Total Sofa length 2.66m width 1.53m, height 75cm from floor to top.

Customers are more then welcome to check this sofa-sofa bed at our showroom at Ashfield.


Note: For refund from after pay there will be a Cancellations fee of 10%. Please order carefully or ring us on 0433300632 and start ordering.