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Jasmine Upholstered Bed With Wooden Frame


Legs are optional for the bedhead and standard bed, not for the gas lift bed.


The Jasmine Upholstered Fabric bed is the perfect way to make your bedroom feel like a cozy retreat. With its fabric upholstery and dark brown wooden frame, this bed has a vintage-inspired design that will look great in any bedroom. The Jasmine bed features a padded headboard for extra comfort. The fabric upholstery is easy to clean and durable, so you can use this bed for years to come. If you want your bed higher from the ground you can always add legs.

If you want more storage in your bedroom you can add a gas lift option. With a gas lift bed, the mattress is elevated with the help of a piston. When you want to access the storage you simply lift the bed from foot, the bed will rise to the desired height. This bed is low to the ground and the frame is reinforced with heavy-duty metal.

Bedside:$469 each

Tall Boy: $1079

Dressing Table: Without mirror $1099/ with mirror $1399


Available Colour: Sand, Charcoal




Queen Bed:
Width(mm): 1775, Length: 2210, Height(without legs) 1400/With Legs: 1530

King Bed:
Width(mm): 2050, Length: 2175, Height(without legs) 1400 With Legs: 1530

Bed Side:
Width(mm): 600, Length: 500, Height: 680
Tall Boy:
Width(mm): 900, Length: 500, Height: 1150
Width(mm): 1350, Depth: 500, Height: 850
Width(mm): 1050, Depth: 30, Height: 1050


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