If you are looking for an elegant and comfortable bedside table, this is your best choice. Not only it can keep your books, magazines, etc. neat, but also you can find the most important thing when you need them, easily. A perfect space for kids, it is safe and has no sharp edges. The material is high-quality PU leather, which is also very comfortable to touch.

1. This bedside table has 2 drawers with smooth metal runners.
3, Made from the wooden frame in the leather-looking finish, the Material is high-quality PU leather.
4. This price is for 1 bedside table, NOT include a bed or other items.
5. Brand new in box, no assemble need.
6. Color: All black, All White, Black with White Stripe, White with Black Stripe

2. Dimension is: W48by44D by48cmH.

Note: For refund from after pay there will be a Cancellations fee of 10%.